Tips for Students: How to Unblock Websites in Simple Ways

How to unblock websites – Are you familiar with websites? How often do you use it? Do you know more about websites? Do you know if you can block them? Or how to unblock websites?

In recent years, who does not know about the internet? With the innovation of technology, from kids to adults, it is easy to get it. Moreover, the way to access it is easy. You only need a device that uses a provider for connecting to the internet and to open Chrome, Safari, or anything else.


As we all know, in the modern era of technology, it is easy to access it. Even at school, students learn specific parts about the internet. Or even students who do not learn it specifically also use it daily. For example, they open YouTube to learn foreign languages. Even now, several schools have to use electronic learning to help their students get the tasks, submit them, and do anything else.

However, sometimes when you surf the internet, you find ‘block websites’, and maybe you need the information from there. Then, how do I solve it? Don’t worry, we can discuss it in this article. So, keep scrolling!


Why is the Chrome Block Website?

Well, before you get information about “how to unblock websites,” it is better if you know “why the Chrome block website? Isn’t each website providing crucial information? Then, which kind of website has the potential to be blocked?”

Actually, there are several reasons why Chrome did it. And these reasons are important for you, if one day you have a website, your website has no potential for it.

Malware and Phishing

For beginners, you probably feel unfamiliar with these ‘names’ but these are things that you need to know about “website languages”. So, basically, Chrome has a responsibility to protect each website. If a website is detected to host malware or phishing schemes, Chrome will protect it. Chrome did this to block access to your website and make sure users were safe from harmful software and fraudulent activities.

Insecure Content

If you realize when you open the website you find HTTPS or HTTP, right? Chrome uses it to ensure user data is transmitted securely. So, “if the websites do not use it, what happens?” Yep! Chrome will block it.

Deceptive Content

This issue is often found. Commonly, inside this website,there are a lot of misleading ads or prompts. It aims to allow users who open that website to download malicious software or link to another website that is not good. So, Chrome will block it to prevent user exploitation.

Content Policy Violations

On the internet, we can get everything that we want to know. With the keyword and one click, there is a lot of information to show on SERP. It can be legal if you are an adult of legal age to get it. 

However, how about your kid, who has not accessed several kinds of websites yet, but they did? Maybe they do not know about the keyword. But, without meaning to, their hand clicked on something they should not have known about yet. Then, they watch, read, or look at something that?

In this part, Chrome will block it. If the website violates Google’s content policies. For example, adult content without a proper disclaimer or illegal content.

Network Filters

For this, normally Chrome does a certain category of sites. Chrome will block websites based on network or parental control filters.

So, there is basic information that you need to know about the types of websites that are potentially blocked by Chrome. But if your website wants to be unblocked after updating it, it is also easy! Here is an explanation of “How to unblock websites.”


How to Unblock Websites?

Some students are probably confused about “how to unblock websites? What must I do? What if my website can not come back?” Don’t panic, guys! You can try it this way:

Request to unblock

If you find your website is blocked by your school, you can request the administrator unblock the site. After a request, you only need to wait, and your website will come back.

Use a VPN

Access via IP address

Sometimes this way is successful. You can try to access a website via an IP address by its domain name. Its website’s IP address is sometimes helpful to open and bypass a block.

Proxy Servers

Use Tor Browser

This is a powerful tool! The Tor Browser unblocks and maintains privacy online. It helps you by routing your traffic through a network of relays.


What are the Most Useful Websites for Students?

In this modern era, indeed, students are directly encouraged to keep pace with technological advancements. Additionally, in their learning process, students are provided with the convenience of accessing anything that can support them. It includes access to websites for research.

FAQs about How to Unblock Websites

Why do many recommendations for unblocking websites use VPNs?

Well, it is because a VPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a server in a different location. For sure, your choices of location are up to you. This makes it easy to appear as if you’re accessing the internet.

What are browser extensions that can help unblock?

Browser extensions such as Hola, ZenMate, and ProxMate can help you with it.

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