How to Change Website Host

How to Change Website Host. Changing your website host might seem daunting, but it can be a smooth and hassle-free process with the right guidance. Whether looking for better services, improved support, or cost-effectiveness, this detailed guide will walk you through every step of changing your website host. We have compiled an easy-to-understand manual to help you confidently make this transition.

Understanding the Need for Changing Website Host

  • Evaluate Your Current Hosting
  • Research and Choose a New Host
  • Create a Backup of Your Website
  • Set Up Your New Hosting Account
  • Transfer Your Website Files
  • Migrate Your Databases
  • Test Your Website Thoroughly
  • Update DNS Settings

Evaluate Your Current Hosting

Assess your current hosting service. Identify your issues, such as slow website speed, lack of features, or unresponsive customer support. This evaluation will help you understand what you need in your new hosting provider.

Research and Choose a New Host

Conduct thorough research to find a new hosting provider that suits your requirements. Look for server reliability, customer support quality, available features (SSL certificates, automatic backups, etc.), and pricing plans. Popular hosting providers include Bluehost, SiteGround, and HostGator.

Create a Backup of Your Website

Before initiating the move, it’s crucial to back up your website. Most hosting providers offer backup tools in their control panels. Additionally, you can use plugins like UpdraftPlus for WordPress websites. Ensure your website data, including files, databases, and configurations, are securely backed up.

Sign up for an account with your new hosting provider. Once registered, you will receive login credentials and access to the hosting control panel. Familiarize yourself with the new interface to make the transition smoother.

Transfer Your Website Files

Upload your website files from the backup to the new hosting server using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a hosting file manager. Maintain the file structure to prevent errors during migration. This step ensures all your website content is safely transferred.

Migrate Your Databases

Export your databases from the old hosting provider and import them into the new hosting provider’s database management system. Update database connection details in your website configuration files to match the new host’s settings. It ensures that the dynamic elements of your website function correctly.

Test Your Website Thoroughly

Before updating your domain’s DNS settings, thoroughly test your website on the new server. Check for broken links, missing images, and functionality issues. Testing ensures your website functions seamlessly on the new host, preventing potential problems post-migration.

Update DNS Settings

Once you know your website functions correctly on the new host, update your domain’s DNS settings. This step points your domain to the new hosting server. Remember that DNS propagation might take up to 48 hours, during which your website might be intermittently accessible from both the old and new servers.


Will my website experience downtime during the migration?

There might be temporary downtime during the DNS propagation period. However, following the steps mentioned in this guide can minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition.

Can I change my hosting provider without losing my website data?

Yes, you can change your hosting provider without losing any data by creating backups and following the migration steps carefully. Backups act as a safety net during the migration process.

How long does it take for DNS propagation to complete?

DNS propagation typically takes 24 to 48 hours, when your website might be accessible from old and new servers. It’s essential to inform your visitors about potential disruptions in service during this period.


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